What is a Chat Bot?

A type of AI software capable of simulating client-agent conversation using a natural language.

In order to produce this type of interaction, chatbots use a very large database of predefined phrases and Artificial Intelligence to interpret what should be used in each situation.

These bots are able to learn more over time and use, making the tool more powerful while the strategy is kept.

Chatbots are a very effective customer service and marketing tool on many ecommerce and corporate sites. Working on their own or in tandem with a team of human employees, this technology allows you to be available 24/7 with a virtually unlimited amount of customer support.

Productivity improves greatly throughout your business, as bots can assist many more users at the same time than a human

Chatbots are great for small routine tasks such as managing an order, answering simple questions, and generating user engagement through games and other communication methods.

As AI technology advances, the user interaction is becoming more seamless and the cost continues to become more reasonable. This is a cutting-edge product offering that more and more small and medium-sized companies are able to access.

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