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What is Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or Pay-Per-Click is also referred to “paid search”, “cost per click” and “google adwords”.

Pay-per-click refers to the method of payment you use to pay for your online advertising.  Google PPC is the most popular, but paid search is also available on the Bing search engine and others.  Paid search advertising can be very effective when done properly, helping to supply your business with qualified leads.

One of the most popular forms of pay-per-click advertising is through Google search results. When someone submits a search query for a keyword or keyword phrase, Google will return ad results that include the businesses who are using those phrases in their advertising.  Search results for that keyword or keyword phrase appear in the “Sponsored Links” section of the results page, either at the top, on the right side or at the bottom; sometimes placing ads in all three areas.

Buying PPC advertising is deceptively easy on sites like Google.  Adwords will walk you through a very simple process and get your ad online in no time.  With that being said, without knowing how to manage the campaign, create landing pages, doing proper keyword research and set proper campaign settings, you can easily overspend your budget with poor results.  As seasoned professionals, our team can help set up and manage your campaign, or provide 1:1 consulting.

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Our work process

The key to delivering a solid pay-per-click offering is understanding both your business, competitors and the ecosystem you are operating within. We take a nimble and holistic approach, to ensure we are employing the most effective management system.

Keyword Research

Targeting the right keywords is one of the most important components of launching a successful PPC account. Showing ads for the right search terms can make or break your campaign and drastically affect your ROI.

Account Setup

Digital advertising on Google and Bing presents a unique opportunity to clearly identify and segment users into different audiences. With such fragmentation, we can effectively target select users based on certain demographics and behavior, or cast a larger net to target a broad audience.

Launch & Monitor

Once the account setup and structure are approved, your campaigns will launch and ads will begin generating impressions. During this time, our team will closely monitor the initial performance of your account and gather as much data as we can via Google Data Studio and Hot Jar to improve campaign performance. 

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Display Ads

Static imagery that would fill the entire ad block on the website it appears upon. You can customize your imagery, layouts and background colours on image ads.

Search Ads

Text ads on display are the same you would see on the search network. Text ads consist of a headline and two lines of text, allowing advertisers to create a range of ads to help generate the most clicks.

Video Ads

This type of ad has become more popular since YouTube is included on the Display Network. You can now utilise Google AdWords Display Advertising to place your ads next to YouTube videos.

Shopping Ads

The shopping ads consist of an image, a product title, a price, and a brand or website name/URL. Google Shopping ads give users the opportunity to visually compare products before even clicking through to any websites.


Since we work with a variety of small to medium-sized businesses, we understand that you have to stick to your budget. We offer a variety of pricing options that help you remain within  budget. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we can offer with Search Engine Marketing.