Sea to Sky Social Media Marketing

Let’s get social!

Everyone sparks creativity, sometimes you just need a little encouragement.  That’s why we exist. To bring your shower thoughts to life. From the initial idea to its final execution, we are there every step of the way to deliver on your digital dream.

Everything we do starts with you: From how we communicate, to our meeting spots (we know where to find the good lattes), the content we create, and everything in between. Ultimately, you call the shots around here, and that’s exactly how we like it.

The SD Social team is agile and creative, helping clients keep up with the ever-changing social media changes. We’ve learned everything form from Snapchat advertising to those insane TikTok dances, so you don’t have to. We know what works, and we pride ourselves on being able to maintain and build engagement for each specific target audience.

What we offer


Social Media Management

+ Curated Content Creation & Strategy 

+ Content Calendar Development

+ Niche Content Marketing

+ Promotional Campaign & Management

+ Brand Building, Brand Awareness & Brand Engagement



+ Email Blast Creation 

+ User Flow Audit

+ User Flow Creation

+ Content Creation & Copywriting


Cohesive Brand Story

+ Logo Design

+ Brand Boarding

+ Colour Theory

+ Curated Typology

+ Cohesive Brand Identity


Planning  &

+ Cohesive Assets

+ Content Development

+ Weekly Analytic Reporting

+ Promotional Campaigns & Management

+ Weekly Content Scheduling

Some cool things we’ve done…
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